Bug with Multiserver

Hi everybody!

In LiCe4 I use CRTL-w +S for new server. When I use this in LiCe5, I stay at the current server. Is there a new "How To" for multiserver-connect?

Greetings from Germany


I hadn't tested this. It does appear broken! I'll have a look and get back to you shortly.

A new release has been rolled that fixes this.

Hi there,

in which file was the error? The new version still doesn´t work here...

Thanks for help!



With "/window server servername" everythings ok, only with CTRL-W +S the problem exists..
error in lice.binds ?


(using lice since December 1999)

Fine DF, that my solution will help you. And yes i think its a binding problem. Rereading epic4/lice4 again epic5/lice5 gives me no clue whats are wrong. DF are you also tried Tami's bind-hack? I never had/found it evermore.


Still not working? There was a bracket in the wrong place in lice.binds. I tested it and it was working alright for me after the change.


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