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alt textGo up..
alt textoldOld Versions of addons. Don't know why you'd want them, but they're here just in case.
alt textskuldThis is an addon for LiCe 3 only! Very very old, kept around only for nostalgia.
alt textcloak-lice-0.6.irc4.6 KBCloaking addon for LiCe5.2.0+ only. UPDATED! v6
alt textpush_it-2.4.irc10.09 KBAddon for LiCe5 to enable messages to be pushed to your mobile phone and other devies when you get a private message, or a mention that triggered your auto-reply. Supports, and Join by joaoapps!
alt textwolf-0.2.0.tar.gz10.97 KBThe wolf addon by whitefang. Only for LiCe4!
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