Pushover 1.3

Pushover 1.3 addon has been released.

This is a simple change - it adds support for NOTIFY Signon push messages.

Note: 1.4 has been released. Get it instead.

- tjh

LiCe 5.2.6 Released!

LiCe 5.2.6 has been released.

This is a very small bugfix release, but you must download it if you are using EPIC5-1.1.8 or later. If you use older versions of LiCe with EPIC5-1.1.8 or later, you will get flooded off servers (and annoy your local IRCOP). This is due to the way the LAG indicator worked.

Please update and enjoy!

tjh and whitefang

LiCe Addon Supports Pushover.net

I've just finished writing a little addon for LiCe v5.2.x that supports the wonderful Pushover.Net service.

This means you can get notifications to your device when you get a Private Message or someone says something matching your Auto-Reply (/AR) buffer. Handy for when you're not looking at your IRC Session but don't want to miss a message or mention.

Moved to Github

Whitefang and I are in the process of moving to Github. Yes, it's trendy and cool, but Googlecode now doesn't let you host downloads anymore!

There's even a few new commits, nothing major, but LiCe is still alive and kicking.

tjh & whitefang

LiCe 5.2.5 Released!

LiCe 5.2.5 has been released.

A big special thanks to whitefang who has spent a lot of time working on LiCe over the last month, ironing out a lot of little bugs that have been hanging around and working to return LiCe5 to it's original srfrog roots.

The filename has also been changed to mirror the format srfrog used to release them in.

Get lice525.tar.gz

The Changelog:

*** Changes in version 5.2.5 - 04/01/13

EPIC5 1.1.5 Released

The EPIC project has released epic5-1.1.5.

Get it from the usual place, epicsol!

LiCe 5.2.4 Released!

LiCe 5.2.4 has been released.

This fixes a few small bugs found by whitefang and Q.

This release also celebrates the release of epic-1.1.4 which I suggest everyone upgrade to, as it has some features and bugfixes that LiCe will be making use of in the next releases!

As always, enjoy and please report any bugs you find.


- tjh

LiCe 5.2.3 Available In Debian Unstable

Thanks to the hard work done by Q, LiCe 5.2.3 is now available in Debian Unstable!

Sure, it's not quite in Stable, but we're getting here.

Thanks heaps Q!


LiCe 5.2.3 Released!

Mostly performance improvements and bugfixes to existing functions.


LiCe 5.2.2 Released!

To celebrate the release of epic5-1.1.3, LiCe 5.2.2 has been released! This release brings halfop support to LiCe, showing users who are halfops in /sc, /cwho, /ppl and on join. Most themes have been updated to properly show halfop counts in /sc.

Full Changelog:


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