LiCe is a powerful yet easy-to-use script pack for the console IRC client known as epic, the most recent version being epic5. epic itself is an amazing piece of software, flexible and powerful. It is however designed to be scripted and that’s where LiCe comes in.

Checkout some LiCe ScreenShots. Got a screenshot? Please submit them to me,

LiCe is one of the oldest IRC scripts there is. Originally for ircII version 2, it was then built for epic3, then epic4. srfrog stopped developing it after epic4 was released, however I am now developing it for epic5, starting on the base work done by HSOC.

LiCe makes IRC much more fun. It has the following powerful features built into it:

  • Themes
  • Friend and Shit lists
  • Notifications (via extra included script)
  • Update Checking

That’s just a small subset of the excellent features LiCe has.

Download epic, download LiCe and experience IRC as it’s supposed to be.