LiCe5 Script Pack for EPIC5

2020 Update: Well, it's safe to say that in 2020, IRC itself is almost dead, let alone a script for a console based IRC client that very few (Though epic has a small and loyal following) people use. And there's even less demand for a script pack for it! But rest assured that #LiCe in EFNet goes on, even though the numbers are down to, at today's count, 6 people and 1 bot.

There's obviously not a lot of updates to LiCe either - if you do want to get the latest version I suggest you check it out from git rather than download a package from here.

I started using LiCe when I was about 19-20. These days, I'm 44. Long Live LiCe!

LiCe5.3.0 Released! Please use the newly released EPIC5-2.0 with this release.

Welcome to the homepage for the LiCe Script Pack for EPIC.

Download LiCe now!

LiCe was originally developed by srfrog, but is now being patched and maintained by tjh & whitefang. This is not a srfrog version, but I have his blessing to take over the updating of LiCe.

I have to say a huge thank you to everyone in #epic for their help and guidance as I have been learning ircII-epic scripting. Without their help and patience I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere.

You can find us in #LiCe on EFNET.

Keep an eye on the news page, or do /UPDATE from within LiCe to find out all the latest LiCe5 news!