Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Latest LiCe Version : 5.1.2
Latest EPIC5 Version : EPIC5-1.1.2

Quick Questions!

a. How do I turn on timestamping? /MTOG T
b. How do I play messages? /PLAY
c. How do I delete messages? /ERASE
d. How do I change the auto-away time? /SENSORS
e. Is Skuld4 available yet? Not currently (Ever?)
f. Does Skuld3 work with LiCe4? No.
g. How do I stop the auto-nick change? /TOG A
h. How do I create a new window? ^w c (That's control-w)
i. Does LiCe work in Windows? No. Never.
j. How do I get my question here?

- Table of Contents -

1. About LiCe

1.1 What is LiCe ?
1.2 Where can I get LiCe ?
1.3 What are the different LiCe versions for ?
1.4 What do need to run LiCe ?
1.5 Where do I report bugs or request a few feature ?

2. Installing LiCe

2.1 Installing LiCe
2.2 Common problems

3. Running LiCe

3.1 Basic LiCe commands
3.2 How do I configure LiCe ?
3.3 How do I use the Message Log
3.5 Themes ! [Also how to create one]
3.6 How do I add a friend to my userlist ?
3.7 Online help

4. Misc Lice Information

4.1 Updating LiCe
4.2 What is Skuld ?
4.3 Running in quiet mode issues
4.4 Who wrote LiCe

1. About LiCe

1.1 What is LiCe
LiCe is a script for the Epic irc client. Epic runs on many unix systems.
LiCe makes many things easier to do and also has advanced features like
userlists, flood protection, and themes. Basically LiCe makes using irc a
whole lot easier.

1.2 Where can I get LiCe ?
There are 2 main ways to get LiCe.

1. The first is the website:
2. Otherwise you can join EFnet, go to #LiCe and say @lice4 to have the
LiCe bot send you a copy.

1.3 What are the different versions of LiCe for ?
Different versions of ircII/Epic! (The irc client itself)

* LiCe 2.6.5 is for ircII 2.8.2 - This is a fairly old version of irc.
Use only if you can't get Epic3 or Epic4 to compile.
* LiCe 3.x is for Epic3 - This again is also an older version of
irc/epic. It is more featureful than ircII 2.8.2 and is recommended if
you are unable to compile Epic4
* LiCe 4.x is for Epic4 - This is the latest and greatest version, and is
being actively developed. This is the recommended version.

1.4 What do I need to run LiCe ?
A working copy of the Epic4 client.
This can be obtained from
Epic4 is currently in development and new realeses are appearing about twice
a month. Be sure to grab the latest copy.

The latest version of the time of writing is EPIC4pre2.508

If you wish to run an older version of LiCe, you need to get either Epic3 (for LiCe 3) or ircII 2.8.2 (for LiCe 2) This FAQ is designed with LiCe4 in mind, however a lot of the basic commands are the same no matter which LiCe version you are using.

1.5 Where do I report bugs or request a new feature ?
Send some mail to with your bug report or new idea. If it's
a bug report please be sure to include as much information as possible.
Before reporting a bug also ensure you are using the latest Epic4

2. Installing LiCe

2.1 Installing LiCe
To install: gzip -d autolice.gz ; sh autolice from the Unix shell. This will
install LiCe into the .irc directory in your home directory. It will also
ask you a few basic questions which sets up your shell for irc/LiCe

2.2 Common problems
The install should be very easy. If you encounter any problems first make
sure you have /bin/sh, gzip and uudecode. If not, install them. If you still
have problems send some mail with a good explanation of the problem
(not just "it doesn't work") to

3. Running LiCe

3.1 Basic LiCe commands

/W Show nicks on current channel
/CWHO Show nicks on current channel (Cached)
/M [NICK] Send message to nick
/N [NICK] Send notice to nick
/WI [NICK] Show whois information for nick
/WW [NICK] Show whowas information for nick

/IGNORE [NICK] Ignore everything except public
msgs from nick
/IGNORE [NICK] ALL Ignore everything from nick

/NOIG Show people you are currently
ignoring (with option to remove)
/J [#CHANNEL] Join #channel

^X [Control-X] Swap between channels in current
/L Leave current channel
/K [NICK] Kick nick from current channel.
/INV [NICK] Invite nick to current channel
/T Show topic on current channel
/T [NEW TOPIC] Change topic on current channel

/SC Quick show users on current
/SB Show all bans on current channel
/RBAN Remove bans on current channel

3.2 How do I configure LiCe ?
One the great features of LiCe is how configurable it is. These are the
commands to setup LiCe to your liking:

/SENSORS Set up LiCe sensors
/TOG Set up basic LiCe options
/CTOG Set up options for the current channel
/MTOG Set up message type options
/DTOG Set up DCC options
/WTOG Set up Window options
/THEME Change the current LiCe Theme

Don't play with too many of settings in /SENSORS unless you are sure of what
you're doing. Nothing bad will happen if you do, LiCe just might start
behaving funny if things are misconfigured! :)

Once you've configured all the options how you like them, be sure to
remember to do a /SAVE. This will save all the options so that they are set
automatically next time you load LiCe!

3.3 How do I use the Message Log
If you've got the /MTOG M command turned on (it's on by default) then whenever
you're set away (/GONE I'm not here) LiCe will record any messages that are
sent to you.
To view these messages, simply type /PLAY
To erase the messages once you're read them, type /ERASE

3.4 Themes
LiCe 4 supports themes, so now you can customize the way LiCe looks. Just
type /THEME for a list of available themes. Type /THEME [name] to try one
out. If you like it and would like to make it your default each time LiCe
loads, just type /SAVE

If you have problems with themes be sure to mail the *creator* of the theme.

A lot of people ask how to create a theme. Firstly, it's not easy. If you
don't have much coding experience. LiCe 4.2.0 will hopefully have a template
for you to work from.

3.5 How do I add a friend to the userlist ?
The basic format is /FRIEND -A [NICK] This will add that nick to your
userlist. You then need to channels and modes to that userlist entry. This
is done by /FRIEND -C [NICK] [+/-]#CHANNEL [+/-]MODES

For example: to auto-op 'BusDriver' on #BusDepot

1. /FRIEND -A BusDriver This creates the userlist entry for
2. /FRIEND -C BusDriver +#BusDepot +AO

Now whenever BusDriver joins #BusDepot he'll be auto-oped by LiCe

There are many more powerful LiCe userlist features. To find out about them

The shit list works just like this too. Do /help user shit for all the shit

3.6 Online help
LiCe has excellent online help that explains in details many features. Just
type /HELP to get help on almost any topic. You're also welcome to join
efnet and visit us in #LiCe with your questions. Please make sure you've
read the FAQ firstly though.

4. Misc LiCe information

4.1 Updating LiCe
To check for the latest version of LiCe, just type /UPDATE at the prompt.
This will query the LiCe server to find out if a newer version of LiCe is
available. If there is a newer version, it will be sent to you! This feature
can be toggled with the /TOG U option. If this option is set to yes, each
time you load LiCe it will automatically check for a newer version.

4.2 What is Skuld ?
Skuld is an add-on script for LiCe3 written by asmodean. It does not work
with LiCe4. Visit the Skuld website for more information.

4.2.1 Wolf
There is now an addon script for LiCe called wolf.
Get it from

4.3 Running in quiet mode issues
There are a few issues to be aware of when running Lice with the /TOG Q flag
active. A /CTCP [yournick] USERINFO will still report you are running LiCe
unless you do a /SET USERINFO [Put Your Info Here]
Also check the setting of /SET REALNAME. This by default is set to
the LiCe URL. This can also give away the fact that you're
using LiCe.
Not that it really matters though, you'd be suprised at the amount of IRCops
that are using LiCe!!

4.4 Who wrote LiCe ?
SrfRoG - Type /HELP CREDITS for the full list of the many people who have

4.5 This FAQ Sucks!
All feedback welcome ->