LiCe 5.2.7 (and EPIC5-1.1.11)

Submitted by tjh on Wed, 07/15/2015 - 05:47

LiCe 5.2.7 has been released! Get it here!
A lot of fixes went into this release, thanks z2e for your report and a huge thanks as always to whitefang for your patches, assistance and ideas.

This version recommends EPIC5-1.1.11. If you use a lower version you'll get a message telling you this. You might also encounter a few small bugs! Please use at least EPIC5-1.1.11 for the best experience.

*** Changes in version 5.2.7 - 15/07/15
- We now use epic's built in logging function instead of many ON's for
the chanlog feature. Log file formats have changed slightly because
of this. Timestamp used is /SENS S value.
- Moved pre-5.1.0 changes to extra/changelog.legacy
- Fixed bug where auto-away could send messages to channels if you
were connected to multiple servers.
- Auto-away now notifies what servers you were set away on.
- There will now only be one entry in your away log when you are
automatically set away on multiple servers at the same time.
- Added Esc-\ to update lag indicator.
- Fixed (really!) the order servers are loaded/saved in so it's
always consistant.
- Optimised auto-away routine & fixed bug where you wouldn't get set
away automatically on servers if you were already away on one.
- More optimisations to database routines.
- Flood routine and self protect [esc-`] will now use the server side
CallerID feature, if your server supports it. (usermode +g)
- Reverted /noig to use original LiCe4 code and formatting, updated
default ignore types to match LiCe4's
- Fixed issue where /MTOG H would change the case of the text to match
the auto-reply case. This broke URL's that contained the auto-reply
string, if the URL's case was different. Reported by z2e
- Fixed /NOIG * not removing entries from the database.
- /NOIG now highlights ignores set by /CTOG Q
- EPIC5-1.1.11 now minimum recommended version.