LiCe 5.0.2m Released!

Submitted by tjh on Sat, 06/19/2010 - 14:27

Download it here.

The major highlight of this release is that /HELP works once again.

Other changes:
- Reimplemented help. It's an ugly bit of code but I'm
still learning. It works well though.
- Fixed topicbar not updating on theme change.
- More optimizing /wtog t routine.
- Autonick fixes and user notification clarity.
- Fixed environment variable IRCNICK not settings /ar or /sens n
on first time load.
- If fmt.whois_bot or fmt.sc_bot is empty, a blank line will no
longer be printed. Requested by whitefang for theme flexability.
- Added new theme Erik3.2 by Erik [Email removed to protect against spam]
- whitefang updated the BitchX theme.
- Fixed a bunch of themes to support topicbar (/wtog t)
- Fixed problem with chanlog -l (reported by whitefang!)