LiCe 5.0.3m Released!

Submitted by tjh on Wed, 06/23/2010 - 11:03

This is mostly a bugfix release! Also adds the /ET function, which allows you to easily edit the topic on the input line. Usage is just /ET or /ET #channel

Download LiCe5.0.3m.

*** Changes in version 5.0.3m (modified)
- Added /et to quickly edit the current topic. Thanks whitefang
for enhancement ideas.
- Made /help accept two words, i.e. /help oper boot. This mirrors
how help used to work in LiCe4. Requested by whitefang.
- Updated all the theme's topicbar's. I'm no designer, feedback/changes
are welcome!
- Added two new binds, esc-l -> /PPL & esc-c -> /CLEAR [from Skuld]
- Fixed /memo playback