LiCe 5.1.0 Released! /UPDATE works.

Submitted by tjh on Fri, 07/09/2010 - 13:15

This is the first major release since I've taken over LiCe.

The big news:

I've dropped the "m" from the versions. I've spoken to SrfRoG and he's happy for me to release LiCe with proper version numbers, so I will be from now on.

/UPDATE works again. If you have /TOG U set, when you load LiCe then it will automatically connect to the update server to check for a newer version. It displays news and will automatically download any new patches required for your version of LiCe! You should use /UPDATE at least once a week, it will automatically download any required patched for you, or print any LiCe news!

/MTOG E has been implemented. This logs your away messages to disk so that client crash (or an admin killing your session) doesn't cause you to lose your messages. Just load LiCe again and those messages will be waiting for you to /PLAY.
As soon as you enable /MTOG E any messages in your away log are written to disk. As soon as you disable it, the log file is deleted. While it's enabled, messages logged are also written to disk.

Enabling MTOG E is a good thing as it protects against client crash etc, but it does mean writes to disk which might be a privacy issue.

PLEASE NOTE: The files are no longer gzipped! This is because of the now working /update feature, which works with unzipped files. If you have previously installed LiCe, please remove all .gz files after installing this update. Or just backup: lice.address lice.ignore lice.notify lice.servers lice.sets lice.users and remove your .irc directory.

As always, thanks whitefang for your ideas, suggestions and annoying me enough to release this, thanks SrfRoG for some encouragement and thanks to #epic for answering my annoying questions, I really do appreciate it.