LiCe 5.2.0 Released

Submitted by tjh on Wed, 04/25/2012 - 06:48

As promised before the end of April, LiCe 5.2.0 has been released.

This release has had a lot of testing so it should be pretty bug free, but please do report any problems.

This is a Major Release so your old settings will NOT be ported over. From the ChangeLog:

*** Changes in version 5.2.0
- *MAJOR* changes have been made to LiCe! Please read these
notes carefully.
- /SAVE is no longer required. All settings are written to
a database now in realtime. By default this is ~/.lice but
you can override this with the IRCSAVE environment variable.
- LiCe can be installed anywhere now. No longer is .irc used,
this means that old settings _will not_ be migrated. Sorry!
This also supports system-wide installs, please see GLOBAL
in the help directory for more information.
- Added QUITS and removed CTCPs from /CTOG Q
- Fixed the friend !UNBAN command. A side-effect is that /sb
no longer shows "extra" info. Use the -f flag to see details.
- Fixed /TOG X when used on multiple servers.
- Fixed /PPL to accept a channel argument as detailed in the
help file.
- Fixed /PPL breaking /WHO for the current chan.
- Servers are now saved correctly (and automatically)
- Other small fixes for reported issues.
- CTOG Q no longer quiets topic changes. Doing so breaks topic
update notifications!
- Fixed /WTOG T to properly show topics with double quotes in them.
- This release will probably have bugs! Please report them!