LiCe 5.2.2 Released!

Submitted by tjh on Sat, 05/12/2012 - 00:50

To celebrate the release of epic5-1.1.3, LiCe 5.2.2 has been released! This release brings halfop support to LiCe, showing users who are halfops in /sc, /cwho, /ppl and on join. Most themes have been updated to properly show halfop counts in /sc.

Full Changelog:

- Added support for the display of halfop status on join and to
- Added /HOP and /DHOP plus documentation.
- Updated most themes to support +h count in /SC footer.
- Corrected theme bug causing some functions being called twice.
- You can now install *.reason files in your .lice directory.
If they're found, they will be used instead of the supplied
ones in the lice install directory. Useful for global
installs, allows each user to customise their gone/back/quit
etc reason files individually.
- Fixed bug where /UPDATE would still trigger even if the
disable_update file existed. Thanks Q for reporting.
- Fixes to many themes to fix blank lines on /WHOIS & /WHOWAS
Reported by Q
- Bug fixes to /SILENCE & added documentation for SILENCE to
the user help.
- Fixed /GONE -a not setting a message.
- Enhanced /BACK to support -a, returning you to all connected
- /HELP no longer cares about case.