LiCe 5.2.3 Released!

Submitted by tjh on Sat, 05/19/2012 - 01:58

Mostly performance improvements and bugfixes to existing functions.


*** Changes in version 5.2.3
- Optimised restoring the database on LiCe load - Much faster.
- Fixed database routine to ensure only valid data is written
to database when using /SET
- Updated /CHANST to support halfop.
- Lots of help file documentation updates.
- Fixed some ^W binds not working if using a single status
- /MSAY and /MME now support sending to all channels on all
connected servers.
- Fixed problems with /NOTE not working correctly.
- Fixed /PAGER
- Added lice.database to extra directory. You can view/edit
your LiCe 5.2.0+ database using this script.