Progress Report

Submitted by tjh on Sun, 03/20/2011 - 21:59

I made some good progress on LiCe over the last week. Big changes:

LiCe now works no matter what directory it's installed in. Dependencies on .irc are now gone. You can install it globally in /usr/local/scripts/LiCe for example and a single /load /usr/local/scripts/LiCe/lice.irc is all you need. LiCe dynamically figures out where it's installed on load and will work from there.

The directory that your datafiles live in now is .lice by default. This can be overridden using the IRCSAVE environment variable, which expects a DIR writeable by you. In this way you can have multiple copies of epic going with multiple copies of LiCe.

Because LiCe can now easily be installed globally, I've added the ability for system admins to disable /UPDATE, as this function is only really useful for individual installs. If the file disable_update exists in the LiCe root directory (the same directory as lice.irc) then /UPDATE functionality will be removed from LiCe. /UPDATE will not be an alias, and /TOG U is removed from the Interface. System admins will probably want to remove the update help text.

Notify now saves automatically. /SET's now save automatically.

The only remaining changes are to get the userlist features to save automatically and ignores to save automatically and I'm ready to release a beta.

Thanks for using LiCe!