Welcome to the new LiCe Homepage

Submitted by tjh on Tue, 05/26/2009 - 00:01

After many years of LiCe not having a homepage, or much love, I have decided to spend a bit of time to revive this great script. I have been a huge fan of LiCe since I started using it (version 3.x) and want to see it continue to be the best script pack there is. LiCe of course has never gone away, we're all still there in #LiCe on EFNET. Though the numbers are shrinking a bit these days.

This website is being run using Drupal. It's probably overkill for what's needed, but I know it and can use it fairly well, so Drupal it is. It doesn't get in the way.

Currently, LiCe does not work with EPIC5. I have started, very slowly, to patch the latest LiCe version by HSOC, 5.0.0i, to work with the latest EPIC5-1.0.

It's a slow process, I started out knowing nothing about the EPIC scripting language and am still very new to it all. You can follow this News page for more information as I attempt to keep it updated.

In the next few weeks, when I feel I have patched LiCe5 to decent, workable state, I will release it on the downloads page. Many things still won't work, the party line, /update and /news, plus who knows what else. I hope, given time, I can patch these things to work with EPIC5.

Any help is, of course, appreciated.