Q: How do I disable autoaway? I keep going away after 5 minutes and it’s annoying me. I need to change the length of time before auto away!
A: Type /SENS A and then enter 0 for the number of minutes before Auto Away. Alternatively, you can set /TOG X which will ensure you never IDLE, therefore never go away.

Q: How do I turn off AutoNick?
A: Type /TOG A. To change the nick to Auto Change to, /SENS N.

Q: How do I get LiCe to load on startup?
A: Please read the QuickStart guide.

Q: How do I remove an ignore?
A: Use the /NOIG Command

Q: How do I stop the automatic checking for updates? A: /TOG U

Q: How do I show the current bans on a channel? A: /SB to show bans. To remove them, /RBAN

Q: How do I see who’s on the current channel? A: /SC will give you a quick of names and status. /PPL will give you more information (but will take up a lot more screen space)

Q: How do I turn on/off timestamps? I want to see the time and date of new messages. A: /MTOG T will toggle timestamps.

Q: I got disconnected from my server. How can I reconnect easily? A: Use the /RECONNECT command. This will reconnect the current window and any other windows that were connected to the same server.

Q: LiCe is behaving strangely! I don’t want to delete to .lice and lose all my settings, what can I do? A: Try loading the default again. This can be done with /load lice5/lice/lice.defaults, assuming lice5 is installing in your home directory. Then /quit and restart epic. This should fix most problems.

Please Contact Me with any other questions you have and I’ll answer them.