Installing and Getting Started

This guide describes how to get LiCe 5.x installed and working, plus a few useful commands to start with.

Before Install

Before you can use LiCe5, you need to make sure you have The epic5 IRC Client installed. There are instructions on epic website that will help you install epic5.
Once epic5 is installed, you should be able to run it using the command “epic5”.

Getting LiCe

Now that you have epic5 installed and working, download the latest LiCe5 from the Download LiCe page and place it into your home directory.

LiCe5 installs into the lice5 directory of your home directory. If you are already using this directory, you should move it to a safe place. If you’re not using this directory already, you can skip this step!

Install LiCe

Now untar the LiCe file into your home directory (the following example assumes you’re using the GNU tar utility. You might need to gunzip the file first before untarring if using a different tar program)

micro:~> tar zxvf LiCe5.2.0.tar.gz

That’s it! LiCe is now installed in ~lice5.

Loading LiCe automatically

All you need to do now is ensure that LiCe5 is loaded as soon as you load epic. This can be done by creating an .epicrc file in your home directory with the following contents:

Sample .epicrc

# Sample .epicrc to load LiCe on startup
IF (word(2 $loadinfo()) != [pf]) { LOAD -pf $word(1 $loadinfo()); RETURN;};
# Load LiCe for epic5!
LOAD -pf ~/lice5/lice.irc;

Now load your epic5 client! LiCe will load automatically. To connect to with the nickname tjh, you would use the following command:

epic5 tjh

There are many different IRC networks. You can find details of them all on

You will now be connected and can come and visit us in #LiCe by typing /j lice

Basic LiCe Commands

Here are some commands that’ll get you started:

  • /HELP - Gives you an integrated help function
  • /SENS - Change Sensor settings. (You can turn off AutoAway here.)
  • /TOG - Change various LiCe settings
  • /MTOG - Change settings relating to messages
  • /WTOG - Change settings relating to Windows
  • /THEME - Change the theme. There are many built into LiCe!
  • /J [channel] - Join a channel
  • /L - Leave a channel
  • /M [nick] - Send [nick] a message
  • [TAB] - Cycle through the last few people to send you a message
  • /SC - List all nicknames on the channel
  • /WI [nick] - Give you the whois information for a nickname
  • /T - Show the topic on a channel.
  • /AR [nick] - Set nickname(s)/word(s) that will be logged/highlighted when said publically.
  • /SB - Show current bans on a channel
  • /GONE [message] - Tell people you’re away (and set you away on the server)
  • /BACK - Tell people you’re back (and tells the server you’re back)
  • /PLAY - Show any messages received while you were away.
  • /UPDATE - Check for updates to LiCe.

Using /UPDATE once a week is a good idea, LiCe will connect to the update server and if there are any minor updates, it will download them automatically. It will also display any LiCe news (such as major updates that require a full download).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, or join us in #LiCe of EFNET.