Changelog For LiCe

Trying to fix Autoaway? Visit the FAQ page! Google doesn't want to index it...

*** Changes in version 5.3.0 - 05/13/16
- Added 3 more startup ANSI's from old LiCe versions!
- Fixed /WALL not working correctly.
- Fixed /SENS M not being saved.
- Fixed server queue bug. (MAJOR BUG)
- Make /TOG C actually do something. (LiCe4 bug!)
- Big cleanup and optimisation of flood routines
Documented how they operate in help/flood
- Changed the default for "Flood After" to 8 instead of 5.
- /NOIG now shows ignore reason and/or timeout if set.
- Fixed temporary ignores being written to the database
- Ensure ignore reason is written to database
- Add bind to add new window to current ^WC
- Add QUITS to /CTOG Q
- Fixed /KBI (kick, ban, ignore) not working due to $mask
changes in epic5.
- Fixed error when all /SENS settings were removed.
- Code optimisations to database and main routines.
- Removed dead and commented out code.
- Added /ACCEPT to manage the CallerID (UMODE +g) list
- Removed "extra" folder files from stubs files. If you want
extra functions, you must load them yourself via .epicrc
or manually using /load
- Fixed duplicate logs when loading LiCe on top of already
running LiCe.
- Ensure no away time information is sent when /TOG Q is set
- New /MTOG X to disable logging that you were set AutoAWAY
- Fixed /mass to work as expected (Same as LiCe4). Reported
by brandon
- Lots of help file updates and additions of missing commands.

*** Changes in version 5.2.7 - 15/07/15
- We now use epic's built in logging function instead of many ON's for
the chanlog feature. Log file formats have changed slightly because
of this. Timestamp used is /SENS S value.
- Moved pre-5.1.0 changes to extra/changelog.legacy
- Fixed bug where auto-away could send messages to channels if you
were connected to multiple servers.
- Auto-away now notifies what servers you were set away on.
- There will now only be one entry in your away log when you are
automatically set away on multiple servers at the same time.
- Added Esc-\ to update lag indicator.
- Fixed (really!) the order servers are loaded/saved in so it's
always consistant.
- Optimised auto-away routine & fixed bug where you wouldn't get set
away automatically on servers if you were already away on one.
- More optimisations to database routines.
- Flood routine and self protect [esc-`] will now use the server side
CallerID feature, if your server supports it. (usermode +g)
- Reverted /noig to use original LiCe4 code and formatting, updated
default ignore types to match LiCe4's
- Fixed issue where /MTOG H would change the case of the text to match
the auto-reply case. This broke URL's that contained the auto-reply
string, if the URL's case was different. Reported by z2e
- Fixed /NOIG * not removing entries from the database.
- /NOIG now highlights ignores set by /CTOG Q
- EPIC5-1.1.11 now minimum recommended version.

*** Changes in version 5.2.6 - 04/11/14
- Made window creation faster
- Fix for compatibility with EPIC5-1.1.8

*** Changes in version 5.2.5 - 04/01/13

- Improved handling of /CTOG when you're not in a channel.
- /CTOG now works with channel names like '##freebsd'.
- Fixed a typo that stopped /DHOP for working.
- Tiny fix for the status bar not being drawn correctly on restart
of client.
- Added AUTO_RECONNECT functionality from 'epic5/script/reconnect'.
- Small fix to /HELP. It will no longer leave your PWD in the wrong
place. This was causing console window managers like tmux to open new
windows in LiCe's help directory regardless of where EPIC was started.
- Fixed bug with /CTOG Q not being removed from the database. This
caused the channel to be ignored again on restart.
- Restored /CTOG Q to ignore the same types that LiCe has historically
- Added "Security" line to whois format in "echoes" theme.
- Any binds that temporarily put information in your status bar (like
^Wu for client uptime) would overwrite the correct STATUS_FORMAT if
double line status bars were not used. This has been fixed.
- Fixed /NOIG formatting when timestamps are enabled.
- Fixed /PPL formatting when timestamps are enabled.
- Fixed /CTOG T stripping all your channel sets if you entered nothing
in the prompt.
- /HELP, /NOIG, /PPL, /THEME, /PIC, netsplit list, and the tab
completion list now format correctly with any length of timestamp
format set by /SENSORS S.
- KICK flood detection is now handled exclusively by the ON FLOOD hook
which respects /CTOG O & /CTOG V. Thanks Sebek for reporting this.
- Fixed masks used by flood protection when banning or adding to
- Removed /CTOG 2 (banning cycle dorks). JOIN/PART floods are still
handled by LiCe's standard flood protection.

*** Changes in version 5.2.4 Aug 15, 2012
- Fixed issue with /TOG Q, LiCe information was still being
returned if you were CTCP VERSION'd. Thanks whitefang for
- /SENS S now accepts spaces. Reported by Q.
- Fixed bug with /HELP reported by whitefang.
- Documentation cleanups and fixes.
- You can disable the channel cache sync check
by setting /SENS C to 0. This has been a problem for some
users joining and then parting channels, though the ideal
fix is to set the /SENS C to a higher figure (say, 30)

*** Changes in version 5.2.3
- Optimised restoring the database on LiCe load - Much faster.
- Fixed database routine to ensure only valid data is written
to database when using /SET
- Updated /CHANST to support halfop.
- Lots of help file documentation updates.
- Fixed some ^W binds not working if using a single status
- /MSAY and /MME now support sending to all channels on all
connected servers.
- Fixed problems with /NOTE not working correctly.
- Fixed /PAGER
- Added lice.database to extra directory. You can view/edit
your LiCe 5.2.0+ database using this script.

*** Changes in version 5.2.2 - LiCe HalfOP Release! - 12/05/2012
- Added support for the display of halfop status on join and to
- Added /HOP and /DHOP plus documentation.
- Updated most themes to support +h count in /SC footer.
- Corrected theme bug causing some functions being called twice.
- You can now install *.reason files in your .lice directory.
If they're found, they will be used instead of the supplied
ones in the lice install directory. Useful for global
installs, allows each user to customise their gone/back/quit
etc reason files individually.
- Fixed bug where /UPDATE would still trigger even if the
disable_update file existed. Thanks Q for reporting.
- Fixes to many themes to fix blank lines on /WHOIS & /WHOWAS
Reported by Q
- Bug fixes to /SILENCE & added documentation for SILENCE to
the user help.
- Fixed /GONE -a not setting a message.
- Enhanced /BACK to support -a, returning you to all connected
- /HELP no longer cares about case.

*** Changes in version 5.2.1
        - Fixed cleanup routines not being called when leaving a channel.
        - Updates to QuickStart guide and other help files.
        - We now instantly remove servers from database when deleted.
        - Small fix to /CTOG when not on a channel.

*** Changes in version 5.2.0
- *MAJOR* changes have been made to LiCe! Please read these
notes carefully.
- /SAVE is no longer required. All settings are written to
a database now in realtime. By default this is ~/.lice but
you can override this with the IRCSAVE environment variable.
- LiCe can be installed anywhere now. No longer is .irc used,
this means that old settings _will not_ be migrated. Sorry!
This also supports system-wide installs, please see GLOBAL
in the help directory for more information.
- Added QUITS and removed CTCPs from /CTOG Q
- Fixed the friend !UNBAN command. A side-effect is that /sb
no longer shows "extra" info. Use the -f flag to see details.
- Fixed /TOG X when used on multiple servers.
- Fixed /PPL to accept a channel argument as detailed in the
help file.
- Fixed /PPL breaking /WHO for the current chan.
- Servers are now saved correctly (and automatically)
- Other small fixes for reported issues.
- CTOG Q no longer quiets topic changes. Doing so breaks topic
update notifications!
- Fixed /WTOG T to properly show topics with double quotes in them.
- Fixed names display if /MTOG V isn't turned on.
- This release will probably have bugs! Please report them!

*** Changes in version 5.1.2
- Fixed stupid bug if you enabled/disabled /MTOG E

*** Changes in version 5.1.1
- If /MTOG E is enabled, messages are written to disk in encoded
format. This IS NOT encypted and is *simple* to decode. It
only stops casual glances or text searches.
- Heavily optimised MTOG E disk writes and initial messages load.
This changes the save format. If you see oddness just /ERASE
- Couple of small changes that HSOC noted. Thanks, HSOC.
- Fixed mistakes in armitage theme. Reported by cripy_
- Added getting started help guide. /HELP QuickStart

*** Changes in version 5.1.0
- Dropped the m from the version. No one else is developing LiCe,
this is as official as it gets!
- Update fixed! /UPDATE downloads files and gives you any important
messages. This was all SrfRoG's work. I've just enhanced it a bit.
- Fixed operview/messageview windows not showing reverse status
- Removed sping.gz from help/user, updated symlink & alias for
the /RLAG command.
- Added input prompt to bitchx theme.
- Improved the wget routine to ensure that a fresh copy is always
requested. This means if you're behind a cache you won't get stale
news when you /UPDATE
- Fixed problem where you got two messages logged in away log on
public flood.
- Fixed mask used on public flood. No longer as insane.
- Implemented /MTOG E. When on, anything in your away log is also
written to disk. This protects you against client crash/kill.
As soon as you disable it the log file is deleted. When you
enable it, any messages in the away log are saved to it.

*** Changes in version 5.0.4m (modified)
- Ugh. Embarrassing mistake in /WTOG T function. Fixed.
- We now unload the old theme before we load the new theme.
This removes any custom on's etc the old theme may have set.
Gives themers greater flexibility to changes things, without
disrupting LiCe itself.
- Properly fixed tab completion after harassment from whitefang.
- Small UI enhancement to the /TOG and /SENS systems.
- Some other updates I'd missed to ensure things work with epic5.
Upside is that oper-vision and ^wj will now complete correctly.

*** Changes in version 5.0.3m (modified)
- Added /et to quickly edit the current topic. Thanks whitefang
for enhancement ideas.
- Made /help accept two words, i.e. /help oper boot. This mirrors
how help used to work in LiCe4. Requested by whitefang.
- Updated all the theme's topicbar's. I'm no designer, feedback/changes
are welcome!
- Added two new binds, esc-l -> /PPL & esc-c -> /CLEAR [from Skuld]
- Fixed /memo playback

*** Changes in version 5.0.2m (modified)
- Reimplemented help. It's an ugly bit of code but I'm
still learning. It works well though.
- Fixed topicbar not updating on theme change.
- More optimizing /wtog t routine.
- Autonick fixes and user notification clarity.
- Fixed environment variable IRCNICK not settings /ar or /sens n
on first time load.
- If fmt.whois_bot or fmt.sc_bot is empty, a blank line will no
longer be printed. Requested by whitefang for theme flexability.
- Added new theme Erik3.2 by Erik (
- whitefang updated the BitchX theme.
- Fixed a bunch of themes to support topicbar (/wtog t)
- Fixed problem with chanlog -l (reported by whitefang!)

*** Changes in version 5.0.0m-beta
- Welcome to the first beta of LiCe5!
- Removed left overdebugging codes, cleaned up a few files.
- epic5 1.1.2 is the minimum recommended version
- Release ready! Please report bugs to

*** Changes in version 5.0.0m-rXX (modified)
- Fixed channel cache formatting, now uses fmt.topic_set. Keeps
consitancy and looks better.
- Fixed last few bugs in topline migration. Works as expected now!

*** Changes in version 5.0.0m-r50 (modified) made by tjh [] 6/06/09
- New version by tjh ( working with epic5-1.0.
- Converted all LiCe files to PF loader format.
- New LiCe website! How long will this one last?
- A lot of fixes for EPIC5. mask 11, LEAVE->PART, syntax issues.
- Fixed tab completion.
- Fixed themes to work with removal of REVERSE_STATUS in epic5
- Integrated /chanlog from wolf.scr addon for LiCe4.
- Updated /WTOG T to use epic5's toplines feature.
- Backed out some of HSOC's changes that seemed user specific.
- Reverted /CTOG Q = Deafness.
- Logging of invites while away.
- Made auto-whois on inital message a toggle (MTOG i)
- Added detection of server SILENCE support. A flood will now
activate SILENCE for the isolate time, if server supports it.

*** Changes in version 5.0.0i (independent) made by HSOC 22/03/04
- We welcome EPIC5...
- various changes...
- /CTOG Q now results in total deafness if preceded by
/CTOG D (now stands for deaf as well).
- integraded (copy) howl's help script from epic distribution.
- fix wget to parse pages (NONBLOCKING).
- fix /NEWS -r (again).
- first public release (we are THERE!) 06/05/04

*** Changes in version 4.2.5i (independent) made by HSOC 10/28/03
- auto nick change on window queries (^w+q).
- new lice.binds to fit latest EPIC4 client.
- latest lice tab completion by srfrog.
- updated themes.
- fixed /TRANS and /NEWS (again!).
- support for temporary ignores. (/SENSORS 2)
- slightly more efficient flood protection.
- /WINDOW KILL (^W+k) will now part you from ^W+j #chans
- minor alias refurbishing and code refinement.
* NOTICE: it is impossible to follow EPIC4 progress closely so
starting from now I provide minimal fixes to this script _but_
I do not use EPIC4 to its full extend. New scripters are welcome.

*** Changes in version 4.2.2i (independent) made by HSOC - 08/10/01
- /CTOG 2 JOIN/PART flood protection. (WILL BAN CYCLE FREAKS)
- /BAN can now stack multiple modes. (+bbb)
- /NEWS: -s works again, -t is gone.
- Fixed possible security risk in some themes occured
while /WTOG T was on.
- Major /PARTY improvements + addons.
- /COLOR will now kick/ban color text. (depends on /ctog CF)
- Sockscanner now needs /CTOG J + /CTOG 2 ON to work.
- This includes _ANY_ known bugs so consider it final product.

*** Changes in version 4.2.1i (independent) made by HSOC - 04/22/01
- First public release of the tarball
to celebrate the EPIC4.1.1 release.
- Fix in userlist (now will op existing masks in multiple handles).
- Added /news -t International Headlines from the New York Times.
- Minor refining of the code.
- Added blackwind theme and updated armitage by Voland.
- ARE WE THERE YET ???? (mail/suggestions??

*** Changes in version 4.2.0i (independent) made by HSOC - 06/28/00
*LOTS* of help from the main man SrfRoG. Last edit: 10/8/00

- Fixed word/nick completion for epic4-510+
- New improved /BWORD now bans + accepts strings.
- New improved flood protection will not ignore.
people who are in the NO-IGNORE list (/IG nick ^msgs, ^all etc)
- Default and HS themes now honor EPIC's /IG nick +public switch
- New improved cache list now caches nick + time of the ban
when possible.
- Savelist updated to accept the + switch infront of masks.
- /RBAN -l time removes bans older than "time". (in minutes)
- /RBAN -n removes all bans made by this nick.
- DEOP FLOOD protection (quite strict and not changeable)
- /TOG X works in multiple servers.
- New theme "merenta" (HS)
- New theme "clice" (whitefang)
- New theme "rage" by Chris O'Callaghan.
- Will not attempt to remove old bans if already removed.
- If you part a channel we keep your sets, dont save. (/CTOG)
- /sdcc shows graphic status of dcc transfers.
- Improved looks on /NOIG.
- Added friendly /SILENCE interface.
- Brought back Esc-e to reconnect to splitted servers.
- Elite netjoin routine will silence JOINS PARTS CRAP
on netjoins. (we use the isolate client value)
- /RTAB [esc+r] now removes nicks from your tablist (thanks sot)
- If /MTOG V, LiCe will automatically change to the new nick
in tablist IF the person is in one of your current channels.
- Fixed _proc.reply_action _annoying_ bug.
(important when you join the same #chans in 2 servers)
- /SBAR /MBAR /WBAR /DBAR added. (compact view of togs)
- /CTOG now will set your normal channel togs if you are not
in any channel.
- /RAR removes auto-reply buffer.
- /GDCC - skuld's gdcc by popular demand.
- /CTOG D,J and N now actually work.
- Will ban clones if tog J is on (according to $FLOOD_AFTER set)
- Shows if a mask bans more than one person (if mtog v is on)
- Added /ITIME Swatch's World Internet Time.
- /TRANS fixed by SrfRoG.
- Probably lots of minor fixes not worth mentioning.
- Fixed friend command !PASS - reported by fahren
- LiCe will no longer try to ignore servers
- Heavy optimizations to userlist routines
- /REOP wont try to op yourself - reported by Q
- New "/WTOG T" for titlebar ... the text is setup from the themes.
- Major /ADCC revamp, it now supports "files with spaces". (srfrog)
- /DCC RESUME now resumes files regardless of $DCC_PATH
- New /TOG R will make LiCe scan your channels and cycle for ops
- /rdcc -a works as expected
- Added /trace, /refriend, /fwall based on skuld
- /SCAN scans your current channel for insecure SOCKS hosts.
We use an indepedent c proggie for this purpose
Also when /CTOG J is on and /TOG Q is off we scan hosts on join.
You probably need to reompile sscan.c
- /WTOG A allows to create seperate DCC/MSG windows.
- Added cummulative deop/kick protection (checks for slow attempts)
- Added adressbook (/BOOK) for /IMAIL (idea by Boldtrick)
- Added /protect [esc+`] manually isolates the client and v/versa
- /NEWS now checks for headlines from Reuters.
- LOTS of trivial fixes.

*** Changes in version 4.1.8,9 - 01/04/00 (Emergency Release 2)

- Fixed more problems with themes UGH!
- New "/MTOG 2" will toggle weather or not to touch
the TAB reply list from auto-reply (public).
- Fixed a problem detecting IRC Usermodes from env.

*** Changes in version 4.1.7 - 01/04/00 (Emergency Release)

- Fixed lame bug in userlist that would render it useless - found by
- /BAN wont remove/add the same ban (redundant) - found by fahren
- Fixed some problems with themes.

*** Changes in version 4.1.6 - 01/03/00

- Fixed last possible TAB bug, bleh - reported by Q
- Fixed bug in /MTOG T - reported by Q
- Auto Unban (/SENSORS 1) is disabled by default, to
preserve the old behavior. /BAN -t will override this
when used, as it should.
- Fixed userlist cache for nick changes - reported by fahren
- Fixed auto-unban for bans with "\"'s - reported by Charvel
- Added a small delay to auto-nick to avoid self-nick collides,
if this works ok, i'll add it to /SENSORS - suggested by Charvel
- Fixed /SET REALNAME not to override your IRCNAME environment
variable - reported by Martin Lucina
- Changed the syntax for /TRANS, seems some people didnt like the
old one.
- delayed op/voice on join will only happen if the user isnt op/voice
- Fixed problem with patterns in the userlist - reported by fahren
- Fixed kick when setting any keys - reported by fahren
- The ban cache gets updated properly now - reported by fahren
- Fixed ignores being saved over and over.
- Keys f1-f12 point to the respective window, this might change
in a future version (and it will).
- Added two new themes (ktheme, khaze) from invalid
- Added new theme (simplex) from Q
- Added new theme (revamped lice3) from whitefang
- Fixed /NEWS further, send me more comments on sites to add!!
- Using /SET OUTPUT_REWRITE for timestamps now.

*** Changes in version 4.1.5 - 11/29/99

- Fixed crash bug when trying to reconnect a server.
- Added /IGNORE PARTS to "/CTOG Q"
- Using new /SENSORS from whytefang
- All bans are auto-remove by default, check /SENSORS
- User /IGNORE's are now saved! (Channels always have
saved under /CTOG)
- Auto AWAY will only happen on the server you are idle,
and mark you away only in that server.
- Auto nick won't happen if a netsplit was detected recently,
to avoid nick collisions.
- Fixed /TOG X + Auto AWAY mess - reported by HSOC
- Fixed nicks with slashes in TAB completion - reported by HSOC
- Fixed old obscure bug in TAB completion, hopefully we're
really fixed now.
- Fixed BITCH MODE - reported by many people
- Fixed Nethack protection - reported by wito
- New command /NEWS added. ALPHA VERSION
- New themes from HSOC

*** Changes in version 4.1.4 - 11/03/99 (Emergency Release)

- Fixed broken /BAN
- Fixed broken tab completion
- Fixed broken /SPING

*** Changes in version 4.1.3 - 10/31/99

- New fmt hook "ftm.wallop_server" to break
apart oper/server wallops. Also fixed fmt.wallop.
- AutoNick (TOG A) now works from /SENSORS and
updates automatically.
- Added "/WTOG C" for dedicated DCC CHAT window.
- Added "/MTOG 1" for alarming you of auto-reply
activity in a window that isnt your current one.
- New option "-t" for /BAN to specify temporary bans.
- Added "/CTOG 1" to toggle the effectiveness of
flood bans.
- Syntax of /DEF was changed due to conflicts with
phrase look ups.
- Syntax of /TRANS was changed to add relay options.
- /RLAG enhanced to handle SERVER PING responses. Also,
aliases to /SPING for compatibility with the old skuld3
- Added new color pics for /PIC contributed by awol.
- Added command /NEWS to read headlines from some popular
online news sites.
- Some changes in /SENSORS please check 'em out.
- New themes added, check /THEME.

*** Changes in version 4.1.2 - 09/17/99

- Fixed bug in theme "lice3" found by whitefang
- Fixed bug in banlist found by aS2
- Fixed another bug in the userlist found by sage

*** Changes in version 4.1.1 - 09/11/99

- Fixed more TAB bugs found.
- Fixed DCC RESUME/DCC AUTOGET logic bugs.
- Added new command /PPL, a port of skuld3's command.
- Fixed +AV/+AO bug, it was an EPIC4 logic bug.
- Changed the behavior of /BAN to allow multiple ban modes
for the same user. See "/help oper ban"

*** Changes in version 4.1.0 - 09/10/99

- Minor fixes to TAB completion, it works like the old one now.
- Added new command /TRANS contributed by whitefang. It uses
babelfish ( to translate text
from different languages. See "/HELP user trans"
- Changed "/CTOG O" (note reminders) to "/CTOG E".
- Added two new channel toggles: "/CTOG O" and "/CTOG V" to
control wether or not to kick ops/voices when they flood
the channel. "/CTOG O" is on by default - dont kick ops on flood.
- Server-oriented tab completion for /MSG (and friends).
- Moved "/TOG V" (extended msgs) to "/MTOG", makes more sense there.
- Moved "/TOG W" (msgs window) to "/WTOG", makes more sense there.
- Added support for new EPIC4 /SAVE command. Load saved server list.

*** Changes in version 4.0.11 - 07/25/99

- Rewrote TAB completion, again.
- Fixes to WINDOW creation/switching mechanisms.
- Many partyline fixes.

*** Changes in version 4.0.10 - 07/24/99

- ChangeLog added back by popular demand.
- New command /WTOG to control options for windows
- Support for IrcNet's +e/+I channel modes. New commands:
/BEXC /BINV /SI /SE /REXC /RINV to manipulate the +e/+I
lists exactly like bans.
- New BitchX theme contributed by whytefang.
- New syntax theme contributed by whytefang.
- Fixed several bugs in the partyline code.
- New toggle option "/MTOG H" to highlight the auto-reply
word(s) in the text string. VERY CPU EXPENSIVE!
- New theme routines.
- Improved TAB completion. Faster and smaller, the completion
works anywhere in the string!
- Improvements on existant code overall.

*** Changes in version 4.0.9 - Unreleased