LiCe 5.2.5 Released!

Submitted by tjh on Wed, 04/03/2013 - 06:14

LiCe 5.2.5 has been released.

A big special thanks to whitefang who has spent a lot of time working on LiCe over the last month, ironing out a lot of little bugs that have been hanging around and working to return LiCe5 to it's original srfrog roots.

The filename has also been changed to mirror the format srfrog used to release them in.

Get lice525.tar.gz

The Changelog:

*** Changes in version 5.2.5 - 04/01/13

- Improved handling of /CTOG when you're not in a channel.
- /CTOG now works with channel names like '##freebsd'.
- Fixed a typo that stopped /DHOP for working.
- Tiny fix for the status bar not being drawn correctly on restart
of client.
- Added AUTO_RECONNECT functionality from 'epic5/script/reconnect'.
- Small fix to /HELP. It will no longer leave your PWD in the wrong
place. This was causing console window managers like tmux to open new
windows in LiCe's help directory regardless of where EPIC was started.
- Fixed bug with /CTOG Q not being removed from the database. This
caused the channel to be ignored again on restart.
- Restored /CTOG Q to ignore the same types that LiCe has historically
- Added "Security" line to whois format in "echoes" theme.
- Any binds that temporarily put information in your status bar (like
^Wu for client uptime) would overwrite the correct STATUS_FORMAT if
double line status bars were not used. This has been fixed.
- Fixed /NOIG formatting when timestamps are enabled.
- Fixed /PPL formatting when timestamps are enabled.
- Fixed /CTOG T stripping all your channel sets if you entered nothing
in the prompt.
- /HELP, /NOIG, /PPL, /THEME, /PIC, netsplit list, and the tab
completion list now format correctly with any length of timestamp
format set by /SENSORS S.
- KICK flood detection is now handled exclusively by the ON FLOOD hook
which respects /CTOG O & /CTOG V. Thanks Sebek for reporting this.
- Fixed masks used by flood protection when banning or adding to
- Removed /CTOG 2 (banning cycle dorks). JOIN/PART floods are still
handled by LiCe's standard flood protection.