LiCe in 2020

Submitted by tjh on Thu, 09/03/2020 - 23:23

Well, it's safe to say that in 2020, IRC itself is almost dead, let alone a script for a console based IRC client that very few (Though epic has a small and loyal following) people use. And there's even less demand for a script pack for it! But rest assured that #LiCe in EFNet goes on, even though the numbers are down to, at today's count, 6 people and 1 bot.

There's obviously not a lot of updates to LiCe either - if you do want to get the latest version I suggest you check it out from git rather than download a package from here.

I started using LiCe when I was about 19-20. These days, I'm 44. Long Live LiCe!

tjh - Sept 2020