Useful Links

LiCe Related
Epicsol - The home of the fantastic EPIC5 client.
Screenshots - Some LiCe Screenhosts. Please submit any others you've taken!

Other IRC Related Links
IRC Help - This sites provides lots of help and information about IRC.
IRC Junkie - A great site to keep up with all the latest news.

Other EPIC5 Scripts
While I think LiCe5 is a great script for EPIC, there are some other scripts you should checkout if you're not 100% happy with LiCe. Though if you're not happy I'd love to hear what's wrong.

Amnesiac - Built from the ground up for EPIC5, Amnesiac is a modular epic5 irc script, with plenty of functions.
List of scripts on Epicsol - A (sometimes) updated list of scripts on the Epicsol website.